Thursday, December 27, 2007

MythBusters Nerd Edition: Actually Running "FORMAT C:" Was a Big Let Down

I've heard many people (myself included) joke that the best solution to a problem is to do a "FORMAT C:"

Growing up in the around computers, it was one of the most feared commands I could think of typing.

Armed with the benefit of a Windows XP Virtual PC image, I thought I'd actually confront my childhood fear:

What a let down! It won't even let you do it. I even tried a forced quick format.

Alas, another myth broken. I guess there's always "rm -rf /"

UPDATE: Check out Jonathan's post where he was much more persistent in his attempt.


Chris said...

But did you try it with Dos 6.22? I remember doing del *.* when I wanted to do del c:\temp\*.* when I was in the c:\ directory. Ouch!

Jonathan said...

A few years ago, I compared format c: to rm -Rf /.

I tried to take it to the farthest logical conclusion and had some fun results.

Jeff Moser said...

Jonathan: Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Try Windows 95 or 98