Here’s the first of a perhaps weekly series of things that I thought were interesting in the past week, but are just too short to warrant a full post:

  • Hanselminutes Episode #90 - “Software architects are there to make sure the project doesn’t fail” and “[one should] architect for referrals.” - “grep” comes from the Unix program ed command of g/re/p which does a global regular expression search and prints the results. I never knew this before
  • I knew about the GC.SuppressFinalize method to tell the garbage collector that an object shouldn’t have its finalizers called, but while reading more about IL, I found out that there indeed is a GC.ReRegisterForFinalize just in case you made a mistake :)
  • Although it should have been insanely obvious, it wasn’t until I saw in the IL that all methods of interfaces are indeed virtual. Although, in hindsight, it sorta makes sense.

UPDATE: After thinking about it for awhile, I’ve decided not to keep this series up on a weekly basis since that might generate too much noise.